We left Keyhaven at 05.00 with not a breath of wind.  At no time crossing the channel did it exceed 6 knots!  Motored all the way to Cherbourg.  Arrived at the entrance at 17.00.

Just had a spaghetti bolognese dinner and now enjoying some cold beers from the fridge.  Cherbourg is surprisingly empty.

There is a women with a very loud and annoying voice near us on the pontoon and also someone playing the bagpipes – I don’t know which one to strangle first!

Newtown to Keyhaven

11:00 – Left Newtown, motored against the wind and tide.

13:00 – Arrived Keyhaven.  We were planning to anchor under Hurst Spit, but as it is a little choppy we have gone into the harbour and picked up a mooring.

Log – 19797.1    Trip – 8.5    Sea – 18*C   Engine hours 5014.3

Woke up this morning….

It’s another lovely sunny day.  The wind we had yesterday has all but disappeared.

I have checked the shipping weather forecast for tomorrow:

Wind – Variable 3 or less. Sea state – Slight or moderate. Weather – Fair. Visibility -Good.

That will do!  A little light, but a nice gentle day for crossing the channel to Cherbourg.

We will move later on to Keyhaven as it is closer to the Needles and the channel.

An 05:00 start from Keyhaven, round the Needles by 06:00 then south for 60 miles!

Away on Holiday

We have now managed to get away for our summer cruise.  We unpacked vast quantities of food that all seemed to disappear into the lockers as if by magic.  We left the mooting at 12:30, refuelled and topped up the water tanks, before motoring out of the river.  A surprisingly breezy south westerly greeted us which was kicking up an unpleasant chop.  We motored to Newtown, getting covered in spray.  The wind was warm but the spray was not!  Arrived Newtown Creek ar 15:30 where we picked up a mooring in the shalfleet arm.

Log – 19788.6    Trip – 10.6     Sea Temp 18* C     Engine Hours – 5012.2

Refuelled 5009.8

Medina River, Isle of Wight

We left the mooring on the Beaulieu river at 07:30.  There was absolutely no wind.  Motoring to the entrance saw about 7 or 8 knots fill in from the SSW, then increasing to 15 or 26 knots.  This gave us a lovely broad reach to Cowes and up the Medina.

Gull Island, Beaulieu River.

We came round to Gull Island yesterday.  Quite a blustery day and evening, but the wind died down overnight.  Woke up at 05:15 when the bladder alarm could not be ignored any longer and this was the view from the heads window.

We haven’t been very far yet……

We have not been very far yet.  An issue with the engine cooling water and wanting to help with Debz and Gerry with their scrub off and antifouling has kept us local.  Lets hope next weekend has good, warmer weather for Marchwood YC’s first rally of the season to the Folly..


Tanya, wearing Gerrys waders to get an early start scrubbing off, that are HUGE on her with built in size 11 feet!

Where are we?

Scroll down if you give up…….








Starcross Yacht Club



Starcross Yacht Club is reputed to be one of the oldest sailing clubs in the British Isles, having been loosely formed to organise a sailing regatta all the way back in 1772.

And this is how we got there….

Anchored in the Beaulieu…

Having done our chores this morning, we motored slowly past Hythe, then set the genoa as the wind filled in from the North West.  Sailed slowly down Southampton Water and round Calshot, before motoring the last part of the trip to Beaulieu River.

Now anchored at the bottom of the Beaulieu river, adjacent to Gull Island, awaiting Gin O’Clock.


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