I have just aquired a lovely Keyhaven Scow. She will be called “Poppy” (Ex “Air Free”)
Looking forward to pottering in “Poppy” in places like Keyhaven and Newtown creek.


Rocna Anchor Galvanising Failure

I have only used this anchor for four overnights – even the original paper stickers are still intact! – you will see from the photos, the galvanizing is disappearing, not worn but coming off in thin slivers in the area on the top and underside of the shank, adjacent to my wooden retaining stopper.

Currently this is being dealt with by Rocna as a warranty claim.

Endora – Kings Amethyst 30

When I was about three, my father and his great friend Arthur Macwilliam (Mac) bought a Kings Amethyst 30 from the London Boatshow. One of my earliest memories in life is sitting aboard her (At Deacons boatyard, Hamble, I am told) fishing over the side.

I had found pictures of her in Spain, a few years ago, but no-one in my family had seen her since the sixties ….

When in Cameret in 2013, en-route to Benodet, She turned up in the night, bound for the UK. I spoke to the current owner, who knew from his registration papers about the previous owners and greeted me as an old friend.

Although I did not have very long before we had to depart to catch the tide through the Raz de Sein I managed to get the following pictures as she moved of to let our friends boat on the inside berth out …..

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