Cherbourg to Lymington

Our forecast to come home across the channel showed sw4/5 occasionally 6 later, so a good direction with the possibility of it getting a bit breezy and bumpy during the afternoon.

We left the berth at 06:30, through the entrance at 06:55 and headed north.  The s/w wind was about a 3 at the time so we motor sailed.  The wind freshened at about midday to a good force 5, so the engine went off and we had a glorious sail.  St Brigid did what Rival’s do so well in a strong breeze – leaned to the wind and charged along.  The wind strengthened further about 2.00pm and I furled away some rolls of the genoa.

We rounded the needles at 17:20 and sailed up to Lymington

Log – 20,152.9    Trip – 67.9    Sea Temperature – 21*C    Engine hours – 5080.4

One comment

  • Glad you had a good sail home – a good breeze seems to have been a bit scarce this trip! x