Dielette to Cherbourg

After a six fifteen (am) start we left the harbour and set our course for the Alderney race.  Absolutely no wind again!  Last time I did this particular journey I picked up a lot of foul tide just past Cap de la Hague, so this time I went more towards Alderney and then further north to keep in the favourable tide.  It worked and we saw speeds over the ground of up to 12.5 knots (that is with 6.5 knots of tide) for a lot of the way.  It was only during the last hour to Cherbourg that the tide started to diminish but it helped us all the way.  The log showed only 21.7 miles travelled “through the water” but the GPS registered over 33, hence 12 miles of tide advantage.  Motored all the way.

Arrived Cherbourg entrance at 09:55

Log – 20,084.8    Trip – 21.7    Sea Temperature – 18*C    Engine hours – 5070.8