St Helier to Dielette

We moved out of the marina whilst there was still water over the sill at 07:30.  Refuelled (it is virtually half the UK price in the channel islands) and moored on the holding pontoon for a few hours.

10:45, we left the holding pontoon and left St Helier.  I had decided to accept some foul tide at the beginning of the journey, to make our ETA at Dielette a little earlier than if we had left with the perfect tide.  Otherwise we would have been arriving at Dielette at about 21:00.

Corbiere Light from the south.

As normal there was virtually on wind.  It was a North Westerly force 1 (about six miles an hour)  Not enough to sail so motored all the way.  Arrived Dielette 17:35.

Log – 20,063.1    Trip – 38.0    Sea Temperature – 19*C    Engine Hours – 5066.5

One comment

  • Dear A & T …. S,D & I have just got back from a cliff top bench in Milford where we have all had a super plate of Chish & fips from Mr Pink! Hope to do it again x 5 on a Tuesday. We’ve earmarked a bench & chairs half way down the path to the beach. We’ve sent a few pics to Big T’s phone. Hope you’ve had a good day (&good journey home) & looking forward to seeing you when you’re back xxx