Whoops! a two bladed, three bladed propeller

Whoops! – Left the mooring this afternoon and within a few seconds their was an enormous bang from under the boat, followed by massive vibration.  I initially thought that we had picked up a rope or net on the propeller.  We motored slowly to a pontoon and I donned the wetsuit to take a look…..

Not a fouled propeller, but a blade missing.  This WAS a fixed 3 bladed propeller, removed, inspected and cleaned last winter during the refit!

I dried the boat out and removed the offending article – I carry a puller on board!

By coincidence our friends Debz and Gerry had a two bladed spare propeller, the right shaft diameter, rotation and taper.

Result!  The pitch was miles out, but it allowed us to motor slowly back to our mooring the following day.